Transforming lives and
helping patients since 2008.


Since the first Iowa MOM in 2008 more than 15,000 patients from all areas of the state and beyond have received free dental care totaling over $10 million!

Each year, the Iowa Mission of Mercy sets up a temporary dental clinic in a rotating location in the state of Iowa. Volunteers and sponsors donate their time and resources to provide free dental care to patients who attend the clinic. Lives are transformed as licensed dental professionals provide a wide variety of treatments from cleanings to some oral surgeries and everything in between. Oral health is a critical part of a person’s overall well-being, but some face barriers when it comes to receiving proper dental care.


Patient History
38% of 2019 IMOM patients indicated that it had been at least one to five years since their last dental visit. 20% of patients said it had been more than five years.


57% of 2019 IMOM patients lived within 30 minutes of the local IMOM event. 20% of patients traveled over 2 hours to receive the free dental care.

Pain Relief
Nearly 44% of IMOM Patients in 2019 had been living with dental related pain for two months or longer before receiving care at IMOM.

IMOM 2019 served nearly 1,000 patients with over 4,800 procedures and treatments totaling more than $813,000 at no cost to any of the patients.